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  1. Free 086 fax number for life
  2. Save money on printer toners
  3. Go Green by saving paper
  4. Connect up to 6 email addresses to one 086 fax number
  5. All faxes are delivered in PDF format
  6. Our fax to email service will work with any email address providers like Gmail Email Accounts, Yahoo, Hotmail and all the rest

How it works:

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Free for life!

Shopping Points:

BestFax has a customer loyalty add on to all our 086 fax numbers. We have a online shop with over 5 million products! So what does that mean to you? Well for each fax you receive on your 086 fax number you will receive 1 shopping point to redeem on our online shop! Not only do you get a FREE fax to email number you get free shopping!!

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